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How Can A Simple Paint Job Rejuvenate Your Home?

Painting Services, Home Design and RemodelingIn theory, painting seems like an easy enough suggestion. However, reality paints a different picture. In many respects; painting requires skill, the utilization of proper tools, and the perfect paint application to accomplish a professional high quality job.

Painting is an integral part of any home or commercial renovation project. A badly painted room or space can ruin any improvement or remodeling that was completed. Equally as important, a perfect color choice and a professionally executed paint job will make your home or business look and feel more inviting, while offering a new canvas that will impress.

Update the look of your home or business with bright, bold and brash paint colors. Appearance is everything and you only get one opportunity to make a first great impression. Breathe new life into your home or business.

Looking For A “Perfect Painting” Company?

Now you’ve decided to paint, who do you hire? With so many painting companies painting companies in the Greater Toronto Area, how do you narrow down your search? The task can be daunting to say the least.

Homeowners and businesses have an affinity for one particular painting company. They have a natural connection to do business with Affinity Renovations because of the excellence of high quality painting services they provide. They’ve gained notoriety and a reputable reputation from a vast number of previously completed projects while leaving a lasting impression visually.

What Services Does Affinity Renovations Offer?

Residential Painting

We paint the interior or exterior of your lovely home. We uniquely transform all the desired spaces, sometimes your home is crying out for a fresh new look. A high quality paint finish will present your spaces in the best possible light. You will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

Commercial Painting

With any office or business environment Affinity Renovations is well aware of the fact that first impressions are everything. You can make a great first impression for your commercial, business or office setting with the perfect colour palette. The look of your business should match its success.

Eco Friendly Painting

Keep the environment in mind for your home or business. These paints emit little or no toxins into the atmosphere.

Colour Consultation

Work collaboratively with a color consultant at Affinity Renovations. Most times, selecting the perfect color on your own can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Have an expert provide design advice, what colors work best in different spaces in your home or business, the journey to paint your home or business will be a less stressful proposition.

Hire A Professional

Professional painting technicians at Affinity Renovations have the perfect tools at their disposal to achieve a high quality paint job. The tough parts of a job are standard procedure for an Affinity Renovations painter. Wherever taping is needed, the paint application will be perfect with clean lines.

Professionals use the best procedures that produce the best possible results, both for beauty and durability. Painting is what a professional at Affinity Renovations specialize in. It only makes sense, that a professional will know what problems to avoid and utilize the best standard procedures. After all, they are highly skilled and know the tricks of the trade.

Rely On A Professional

Every few years or so, a home or business needs to address the need for a fresh new coat of paint. Different colors represent different things. If something doesn’t look good visually, it only makes sense to hire a professional painting technician.

Looking For A Change In Color?

Painting your home or business professionally is a natural way to upgrade the look and feel of all your spaces. What was old can be transformed into new. Affinity Renovations has provided Toronto and the GTA with new, bright and bold splashes of color. All a professional painting technician needs is a brush, a roller and the knowledge and expertise, to transform an empty canvas into a beautifully colored masterpiece.

Refresh your interior décor. With spring in the air, now is the time to breathe a new life into your precious asset.

A gorgeous room begins with a well-chosen color palette. Paint can transform a room and it can change the look and feel of a room dramatically. A room that was once calming, can become bold and refreshing just by applying a coat of paint. In essence, any homeowner will be able to transform any room in their home into a room of their dreams. Nothing adds more instantaneous drama or pizzazz to a room than color. And it can be fast and easy as painting an accent wall in a dramatic tone.

Speak To The Professionals

Affinity Renovations provides painting services through its sister company, Perfect Painter. We are your full service renovation company that caters to every need, especially painting. A splash of color will compliment any home décor, uniquely enhance the overall appeal and adds warmth in your home. Uniquely important is the exterior of any home, a new coat of paint can have an uplifting effect and provide a new outlook on life in the process. Your home will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.

It is critical to understand that painting is a service, not a product. The common misconception is that painting is an easy job. On the contrary, it requires patience, expertise, a keen eye to detail and a direct approach to complete this task. With its proven track record of optimal service, Affinity Renovations provides painting services in the Greater Toronto Area, and attracts customers by its 100% quality customer satisfaction commitment package.

In the marketplace, it is flooded with a vast number of painters, but in the end there is only one Perfect Painter. We frequently assess and understand the customers’ needs and expectations by ensuring the project is completed on time and free of any hassles.

What It Takes To Be A Success?

  • Provide A Detailed Estimate At The Consultation Process

    It is imperative to have a straight forward approach when dealing with potential clients. It is common knowledge that price plays a main factor before a client decides to sign up.

  • Delivering What We Promise

    Many companies promise high quality paints and then they use a lower quality so they can make a profit. However, Affinity Renovations guarantees its quality of service and use high quality paints when completing a set job. Many companies offer warranties they don’t execute. Affinity Renovations stands by their work.

  • A Perfect Painter is an Expert

    Experience, professionally trained, knowledgeable, and craftsmanship play a part in knowing what product, technique and preparation is required to achieve high quality results.

  • Keep Eye On Detail

    Place special attention on each specific room intended for paint. Identify the main function of each room and incorporate a color to achieve it. For instance, the bedroom should be comforting and relaxing, a host of neutrals with greens and blues are the best choice.

  • Use ECO Friendly Paints

    When painting a home in the Greater Toronto Area, Affinity Renovations is well aware of the potential health hazards associated when using non eco- friendly products. We place special attention on families who have children and use eco-friendly products to achieve that.

Save yourself some time, money and energy. Hire Affinity Renovations painting services so you can enjoy the finished product tomorrow.

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