Commercial Renovations

Commercial Renovations Should Not Be Forgotten

Commercial Renovation and Home DesignThe pace of business in Toronto is fast and furious and it is very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations that you may be preoccupied with your heavy work load and you are oblivious to what your business needs-a much needed renovation.

Who can you trust to perform all your commercial renovation needs?

Living through an office or commercial renovation can test anyone’s patience. But keeping your business going through the renovation process is an even greater challenge. Affinity Renovations is your #1 choice when you think of commercial renovations, and they will provide exceptional service and maximum reduction of impacts on your everyday business operations. A commercial renovation may very well increase your business numbers.

A commercial renovation should be very efficient in nature and run smoothly, no matter the scope of work involved. Affinity Renovations has the expertise, knowledge to add value to your commercial property. Whatever goals you set out for your project they will always be met, no questions asked.

Mandates Can Include:

  • An office building
  • Corporate offices
  • Retail location
  • Warehouse facilities

Update To A Fresh New Look

In the commercial industry, each intervention should be synonymous with modernization and optimization.

A wind of change is always beneficial to your business. First impressions are everything and it is important to project an image that is professional and reflects your brand image. The first thing a customer notices is the façade of the business, what entices them to come into your place of business?

Affinity Renovations understands all the important factors to achieve a successful commercial renovation. It deals with the work environment, reflecting your image among customers and employees. You want your business to match its success!

Reasons to renovate your commercial or business location:

  • Create a solid first impression.
  • Utilize your space more effectively.
  • Stay up to date with your competitors.
  • Modernize the look of your business.
  • Enhance your brand image.
  • Commercial façade is one method to advertise your business.

Ideas you may incorporate into your commercial renovation:

Commercial Display Windows

You want your customers to notice you and to see what your business offers.

Commercial Reception Area

Should be welcoming, inviting. Should have modern design features.

Commercial Design and Build

A new office setting or environment should be innovative and modern in design. Thinking outside of the box may help you to achieve your unique design principle.

Commercial Paint

You can choose colours that express and represent different ideals. It can be very impactful.

Commercial Walkway and Awning

Walkways guide people. A newly paved walkway will guide customers and employees into your place of business. An awning can be decorative and purposeful. Awnings can be functional as well by keeping the sun from blazing into your commercial space.

Commercial Doors

New doors can give your commercial space an entirely different look and appeal. When creating your new entrance, determine what message you want to convey to your customers. You want your customers to come back again and again. The experience should be rewarding. Possibly you may choose to install revolving doors because it sends the message that customers and employees are welcome back anytime.

Commercial Eco Friendly

From vintage office materials; chairs, tables, desks, you show your customers and employees that you care for the environment. Possibly using reclaimed wood products for office desks, reception desk, chairs, and tables would be an innovative design idea.

Whatever you decide for your commercial renovation, Affinity Renovations will work collaboratively with you to make a great first impression for your customers time and time again. Affinity Renovations proudly serves the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Entrust your commercial renovation projects to us and we will improve the appearance of your spaces. We transform our clients’ dreams into reality, bringing to fruition the commercial renovations they’ve been planning in their minds.

The pace of business is fast and furious but we are with you every step of the way to achieve your commercial renovation needs, today, tomorrow and onward.

Commercial Renovations, Build, Design & General Contracting Services

We have attained many commercial renovation projects in helping to beautify an office or work-space environment. Regardless of whether the business is big or small, we leave an incredible lasting impression. Affinity Renovations, Perfect Painter, Perfect Handyman are three strong brands under the same umbrella. They all possess enthusiastic, dedicated, knowledgeable forward-thinking team members who work diligently to gain future office or construction projects mainly by providing an impeccable 100% service satisfaction commitment.

Affinity Renovations has quickly gained notoriety as the company of choice in the Greater Toronto Area. We have established and fostered an identity as Toronto’s full-service renovation service industry provider in the vast business community.

When you use general contracting services provided by Affinity Renovations, we ensure that the specific project is completed in the shortest amount of time possible and at the lowest cost. We also provide an efficient execution of a well thought out plan.

Principal Reasons To Hire a General Contractor:

  • You are more than likely to save money and receive a reliable and higher quality renovation by hiring a general contractor.
  • A general contractor possesses highly specialized skills mainly in managing the time, people and all the resources required for the project.
  • When the tradesmen and skilled labour work together in a highly co-ordinated fashion, your project will move along smoothly saving time.
  • An experienced general contractor knows how to orchestrate.
  • Permits and licenses are required in many renovation projects. We will be responsible for all permits, licenses and inspections and everything will be to spec.
  • General Contractors purchase in bulk on a regular basis and have established relationships with a vast number of vendors. Those who tackle projects on their own are more likely to pay more for the same products.
  • There is no substitute for quality work to protect your investment. Hire a professional general contractor who has the appropriate experience and skills for your project and the work will be done right.

What do our clients appreciate?

  • We offer a free consultation service prior to project commencement. We work efficiently to complete the project on or before the deadline.
  • We provide a 12-month warranty package on all work performed. We stand by it! See our provision of terms at
  • We are insured with 5 Million in Liability and have Bonded staff and WSIB compliant as well.
  • We offer and provide professional high-quality service in every sense.

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