Kitchen Renovations

Upgrade Your Kitchen, Upgrade Your Life

Kitchen Renovation, Remodeling and Home DesignWhen it comes to home renovation projects in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, the kitchen has always been considered the ‘heart and soul of the home. A kitchen renovation has always been considered a popular choice in any renovation undertaking. Why? The kitchen is where the family dynamic spends the most time than any other room in the home. A perfect kitchen renovation has the power to transform your lifestyle and home, but it can also be a risky proposition because there are many variables, factors and details associated with it.

In Toronto and the surrounding neighbourhood communities, your #1 trusted home renovation company, will execute your kitchen renovation project to perfection.

Kitchens Are The Living Room Of The Modern Home

The idea of creating a modern day kitchen is well within reach. It takes vast knowledge, experience from a kitchen renovation expert at Affinity Renovations to map out a unique plan because not all ideas can work with a particular space.

A kitchen renovation may encompass a variety of design elements. From raw to sublime, meaningless to important, different styles, layouts may already exist in your existing kitchen space. Your new kitchen design can uniquely transform your space from functional to fabulous!

Many homes in Toronto and surrounding communities, dependent on the age of the home the kitchen layout design may be L-shape, double L-design, corridor and or U-shape. Each one has its own particular issues when considering a new and modern kitchen design. Let the professionals at Affinity Renovations deal with coming up with solutions for these issues, it’s what they do!

Kitchen Renovation Is Totally Up To your Imagination!

In order to achieve your dream kitchen, you may have to configure the existing layout. What you thought was only possible on those HGTV programs can become reality in the lovely confines of your home.

As with any renovation project, you need to put things in perspective and think about your true goals for your kitchen renovation. Is it about the desire for more square footage or about a brighter more functional kitchen space? If it’s about acquiring more square footage, keep in mind you pay close attention to adjoining rooms where you can steal the space. It’s about a brand new concept of layout and design.

Everyone has a variation of ideas or design principles they may want to incorporate into the kitchen renovation. It is important to discuss your ideas with an expert at Affinity Renovations, in the process you receive an objective point of view and you gain a wealth of knowledge.

The possibilities for your particular kitchen renovation are endless! You may consider:

Kitchen Renovations Skylight

Line it up the skylight in the centre of the kitchen space, bring in natural light that minimizes the need for electricity during daytime hours and saves your money in the process. Star gaze at night, search for the big dipper. Why not? Now you can!

Kitchen Renovations Stainless Touches

You may choose to install a stainless steel countertop which is durable and a hygienic surface, and throw in stainless steel appliances to create a sleek, stylish design element. Add grey tone splashes of paint colour to adorn your walls.

Kitchen Renovations Centre Island

This is one of the most popular trends for a kitchen renovation because it allows for both a larger work area for friends and family to congregate, gather and converse while preparing a meal. It becomes your hub in the home for gathering.

The Possibilities of Creating Kitchen Spaces are Endless!

We as homeowners have high expectations when creating our new kitchen spaces. What if you had … built-in wine racks stocked and ready for entertaining, walk-in pantry. Flooring should be considered the foundation of your design and add comfort to your feet in the process. Install pot lights and possibly granite countertops.

The rule of thumb is to always map out your kitchen renovation properly to grace your hub of the home with new design features that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

Kitchen Renovation experts, Affinity Renovations will create a masterpiece with a brand new kitchen design layout. Once complete, dinner is at my place!

Are You Ready for your Dream Kitchen?

Imagine yourself entertaining your family while you cook in the comforts of your newly designed modern kitchen, a customized design which will compliment your space and needs. You can’t help but admire the custom cabinetry, pot lighting, a functional island, marble floor tiles, backsplash, a granite countertop and endless counterspace. What a creative new innovative look and design concept in your kitchen you thought was only possible on HGTV renovation shows. In reality it can happen for you too.

Affinity Renovations can make this vision a reality. We will work with you to design and build your kitchen space today. The kitchen is the soul of any home. In essence, it represents a special place that unites all family members on a daily basis.

Affinity Renovations will design and create a modern, spacious kitchen that will be the envy of your friends. We will work within your budget to help modernize and maximize your kitchen space with a smart innovative new look.

Some Kitchen Renovation Ideas To Consider:

  • Flooring: tiles, hardwood, laminate: Based on customer preference. Marble, granite floors are a popular choice.
  • Countertops: Marble, granite, Caesarstone and quartz to add a luxurious rich feel.
  • New Cabinetry: The average homeowner can have a modern contemporary sleek new look with extra storage space.
  • Backsplashes: Glass, mosaic, tumbled marble are popular choice in new homes.
  • Paint Choice: Certain color choices will have dramatic effect, depends on your color pallet.
  • Painting the room with a spray machine will leave the room looking flawless.
  • Lighting: Pot or track,adds a unique ambiance to the kitchen space.
  • Island: Extra seating space for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also great when you are entertaining.
  • Allowing the design experts at Affinity Renovations to completely redesign your new kitchen space.
  • Affinity Renovations can incorporate a unique, modern and innovative design to compliment your space.

Your kitchen is arguably the most used room in any home. A kitchen renovation can have the most dramatic and practical improvement in your home.

Affinity Renovations will improve the overall functionality of your kitchen by ensuring the project is completed in a timely manner and on budget.

Affinity Renovations is experienced in turning your creative kitchen remodeling ideas into reality. We will work with you to utilize and incorporate your ideas to create a dream kitchen where you will love to cook and reminisce and entertain your family and friends.

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